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Deciding whether or not your event needs a brand, a theme or a messaging platform can be a confusing undertaking. KScottCreative can help you navigate the numerous considerations and deliver solutions that meet your event objectives. With any event it’s important to be thoughtful, on brand and most of all, memorable. Developing consistent, creative messaging for your event can be a powerful tool in helping you accomplish all of those things.


There is so much opportunity to surprise and excite your audience with set design. You need someone who can leverage your AVL budget, property specifications and timeline to their fullest potential. KScottCreative delivers unique, thoughtful solutions that bring your vision and event objectives to life. Set design encompasses a lot more than just the physical elements that create your set. We integrate your content in exciting and unusual ways resulting in a custom, seamless, and polished audience experience.



Set Design


There is nothing more important to the success of your event than delivering powerful, thoughtful, well-executed content on stage. KScottCreative has over 20 years of experience in creating award-winning design, copywriting and art direction. We work closely with presenters to develop their message into scripts and presentation graphics, as well as create exciting, heart-pounding and inspiring videos and soundscapes for your event.

Content Creation


KScottCreative takes a unique approach to speaker coaching. Our instruction is always aimed at helping our clients connect deeply with their content and truly engage with their audience. There are many techniques (and a slew of Youtube videos) on how to be a better public speaker, but we believe the secret to a commanding presence on stage is heavily dependent on how the speaker connects with his or her content. Whether you are emceeing an awards ceremony or delivering a challenging message of change to an internal audience, KScottCreative can help you put your best foot forward and deliver your message with clarity and confidence.

Speaker Coaching


Managing the technical side of a stage production can be an overwhelming, intimidating, and lengthy process. KScottCreative has the experience and knowledge to source the right AVL team, set and prop designers to execute your vision within property specifications, budget, and timeline. We collaborate with all parties involved to make sure all AVL technical requirements are properly engineered and executed on the mainstage and throughout your event.

Tech Sourcing


An ideal program should be full of rich, valuable content that your audience can learn from and relate to. There are many different tools and methods to developing a show flow that keeps your audience engaged and entertained all while delivering on your messaging objectives. KScottCreative will help you create an effective program that reaches your audience, build that program out into a detailed show flow, and execute every cue with precision for a flawless audience experience.

Show Flow


There are many options to consider when adding professional talent to your event program. Hired talent such as motivational or educational keynote speakers, musicians or entertainers, can make a tremendous impact on your audience and create a buzz that will last for years to come. KScottCreative can source the right on-stage talent for your program that enhances and reinforces your key objectives while leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

Talent Sourcing


Months of hard work and planning all boils down to a few days or hours at the event. KScottCreative provides leadership and management on-site to ensure that every detail is executed with precision. Stage productions involve countless moving parts and having a partner like KScottCreative on-site to manage all of the details can mean the difference between a flawless show and a disorganized nightmare. From organizing, scheduling and running rehearsals, to reacting and adapting to unforeseen circumstances, you can rest assured that every detail has been considered and is being taken care of so you can play the role of host for your guests with confidence.

Show Direction
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